To be the largest professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy billets in Taiwan and moving towards international operation, Tzan Wei will work harder to pursue constant growth, environment friendly, energy efficiency, cost down, improve profit as well as develop high quality / strength aluminum alloy.

Under favorable circumstances such as government public projects and the recovery of the industrial aluminum extrusion material business, coupled with the annual demands of industrial aluminum alloy growing around 10%, it is expected that the consumption of aluminum alloy billets will increase continuously. In line with market demand, Tzan Wei will strive to increase the value of production, strengthen the improvement of the operating system, and achieve a balanced production and sales.


To expand the overseas market share especially for diameters below 5”.

Promoting the specific aluminum alloy, such as 7 series & 2 series.

Pursuing to get long-term contracts with extrusion/forging companies.

Increasing the volumes of specific aluminum alloy in the market.

Expand OEM business and strengthen contract OEM business to reduce purchase cost and interest burden.

Enhance the relationship with our partners.


Continuously improve the homogenization effect: customers have better processing condition and stable quality.

Continuous casting system: continuously improve the specific alloy casting technology



To comply with customers’ request and flexible our production line to meet market demands.

Improving the casting technology of specific aluminum alloy.

Implement employees' training to enhance quality control for products.

Improve the efficiency of production line and control order fill rate.

Follow the regulation AS-9100 to ensure the best quality.